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An about turn on Twitter

6 Dec

I’m happy to say that the journalism.co.za Twitter profile is thriving, and I’ve had a lot of fun maintaining it. As jocoza is for a very niche audience (news and analysis for journalists in Southern Africa) the number of users can be low but the quality of conversation and exchange is relevant and lively.

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It’s an Interesting World: 5

19 Apr
Home Sweet Home on the Lower East Side - money on a bar, is this a sign the recession is over?!

Money on a bar - is this a sign the recession is over?! (Home Sweet Home, Lower East Side)

Quote of the week:

Don’t touch me on my studio! – eTV anchor Chris Maroleng warns AWB secretary-general Andre Visagie, on air, to back off … on his studio.

I am quite in love with a recent article by Trevor Butterworth published in Forbes, that discusses “How Twitter and ‘The New Yorker’ can be best friends.” In Bridging the Gap, Butterworth, who at one stage viewed blogging as a disastrous medium for long-form writers, now views Twitter as a useful service for writers:If you tailor who you follow to what you want to find out, you have a powerful, human algorithm for interrogating the mass of musings deposited on the Web each day; and if you get followed, you have, potentially, a powerful tool for depositing your own work into the narrative stream.”

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