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weird fish

18 Jul

It seems so strange to me that is is my 24th birthday tomorrow. Firstly, because i have spent so much time organising the trip overseas that I hardly remembered it was my birthday … and secondly because I feel so much older … only 24 tomorrow! How strange. If this is how I feel now, I wonder how I will feel when I am 30, 45 or 60. (Tired, slightly cynical, worried, excited, hopeful, melacholy, terrified – too much, too many things at one time!)

At my desk sitting in front of me right now, from left to right. One tin filled with pens, pencils, rulers and other assorted stationary. One plastic box filled with pens, paper and cardboard. One complete academic record with my marks from my fours years at Wits. One leather Wits emblem-emblazoned baggage identifier (?really, what?! I think I mean a tag.) Five letters, written to my parents and siblings for when I leave. Nine CDs lined up and ready to be put onto my laptop, as they cannot be taken with. One set of pills, an empty watch box, and an e-mail that my mom has printed out, entitled ‘Links to search for flights’. Why does it matter what is on my desk right now?

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