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living the international (house) life!

1 Oct
Showing you my preparing for Sunday Supper, amateur techie style

Showing you my preparation for Sunday Supper, amateur techie style

Somewhere between my tiny little room at I-House, the New York City subway system and ten thousand assignments, I have had almost no time to do a blog update, which I find terribly sad.

Not that I have much of a real clue of who’s reading. HELLO? IS ANYONE OUT THERE? CAN YOU AT LEAST LEAVE A COMMENT?

(Not directed at those who have commented, you guys are super!)

Though I wasn’t able to post an update, I was able to grab a midnight interview outside a jazz club in the Harlem’s famed Sugar Hill, visit the Apollo, go upstate for a leadership retreat, cover a murder on the Upper West Side, speak to Mrs Astor’s private librarian, cover bullying at a bilingual school in Crown Heights, suffer five painful drills under the hands of our masochistic lecturers, and go to the gym. OK. Only twice.

Even though I wanted to be anti-social through all the chaos, I couldn’t be. I-House is filled to capacity with hundreds of events that even though inside you doth protest, you have to attend. A) Because they generally have free food, and B) Because this is substitute family!

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