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My last day at Flow

27 Jun

We at Flow take nothing slow ...

In an attempt to resurrect my sad an unhappy blog, I have decided to write a ‘comeback’ post about my last day at Flow.

(A comeback about leaving? The irony has not escaped me!)

I’ve been at the company for seven months, and what a phenomenal seven months it has been. I never thought that in such a short time I would be involved in so many different tasks: creative and analytical, short-term and long-term, complex and challenging; and across so many mediums: print (feature / news) and online (upload, download, backend, front end, photoshop genius and blogging madness – now I know why programmers are so weird).

I can feel Lyrr and Tara shaking their heads at the terrible grammar in the above sentence. But it’s my blog and I can misspell if I want to!!

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