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What to do …?

3 Jul

Image courtensy of imageshackWhat does one do when facing the impending removal of oneself from everday life and a very comfortable comfort zone (way too many ones in that sentence, let’s switch person) to move halfway across the world and dive into certain madness?

Well what I’ve done in anticipation of my trek to London, Zurich, the Schwarzwald and eventually New York in two weeks, is take over my parent’s kitchen and throw myself wholeheartedly into …


Ugh, it’s so cliched it’s gross.

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My last day at Flow

27 Jun

We at Flow take nothing slow ...

In an attempt to resurrect my sad an unhappy blog, I have decided to write a ‘comeback’ post about my last day at Flow.

(A comeback about leaving? The irony has not escaped me!)

I’ve been at the company for seven months, and what a phenomenal seven months it has been. I never thought that in such a short time I would be involved in so many different tasks: creative and analytical, short-term and long-term, complex and challenging; and across so many mediums: print (feature / news) and online (upload, download, backend, front end, photoshop genius and blogging madness – now I know why programmers are so weird).

I can feel Lyrr and Tara shaking their heads at the terrible grammar in the above sentence. But it’s my blog and I can misspell if I want to!!

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