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An about turn on Twitter

6 Dec

I’m happy to say that the journalism.co.za Twitter profile is thriving, and I’ve had a lot of fun maintaining it. As jocoza is for a very niche audience (news and analysis for journalists in Southern Africa) the number of users can be low but the quality of conversation and exchange is relevant and lively.

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The story of Astoria

11 Sep

‘Are all the girls from Queens as tough as you?’ ‘The girls are.
The women will cut your liver when your head is turned and
polish it off with a nice chianti.’
— 2005 movie, “Love, Ludlow”

My street

I share an apartment with two roommates on the third floor of a three storey "family home" - each floor is a self-contained apartment. We're in the building with the black car parked outside!

My new home, Astoria in Queens, is the most ethnically diverse place I’ve ever lived in! I’ve only been here a week and I’m already fascinated by the diversity of people that live in this area and run businesses – the Chinese woman from the 99c store, the Mexican deli down the road, the numerous Greek restaurants. All I have to do is walk out of the door of the three-storey family home I currently reside in, and I have the option to eat Thai, Phillipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Greek and American food; visit an Irish bar; or browse through the well-stocked international aisle at the Bravo supermarket nearby.

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