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Touched by the madness

12 Nov

Jax and Katya crash the Veteran's Parade for a morning of photography

Oh my goodness, one week since I last posted, will the madness ever end? I’m a pretty pathetic blogger. One week since Barack Obama won the presidency, one week since I found out my parents are coming over to visit for Thanksgiving, one more week of school over – survived, endured, borne out …

What has been the substance of my days? Pretty much nothing constant except the feeling of tiredness, once again. Even though I get substantially more sleep than most of my friends, I still feel exhausted all the time. My theory is that somehow I burn energy just by thinking way too much about things that are way too irrelevant, thus wasting my fuel reserves and ending up tired after only doing half the work everyone else has done. This is not good.

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one night in new york

30 Aug
Looking out from the "Frying Pan" at Riverside Boulevard towards Manhattan

Looking out from the "Frying Pan" at Riverside Boulevard towards Manhattan

Friday and Saturday night: the two nights of the week that J-schoolers ENSURE that they are out and about, stalking the streets of New York in an effort to keep the madness away.

For most, it’s been a rough day after a rough night. I was up until about 3am doing a story on Brooklyn residents watching Obama’s acceptance speech at Cafe Shanes in Crown Heights. With the story filed at around 2am (written in the subway and typed at a phenomenal speed), Friday has hit me at full force.  But after an extended nap I am ready to head out again … another New York nights stretches out in front of us …

And this is how it goes …

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