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German fans celebrate in Johannesburg

6 Jul

My latest post for The New York Times ‘Goal’ blog was from the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg, during Germany’s 4-0 win over Argentina.

German Community in Jo’burg Delights in Team’s Performance

Some pics from the day:

German fans celebrate their team's 4-0 win over Argentina

A little boy peeks over a foosball table (the regular man's football pitch during the WC, they're scattered all over malls and centres in Johannesburg) in "The Trailer Park" installation at the Goethe Institute

A faux-seaside setting with pimped out trailers provides an innovative setting for the public to watch the football

Sadly I’ll miss the next major exhibition by the Institute, “X Homes,” which will have 14 international and local artists guiding participants through houses in Kliptown and Hillbrow, exposing them at 8-minute intervals to performances pieces or works of art. The aim of the exhibition is to counter the perception of the area as places of high crime; to expose people to the more positive aspects of the area, such as the four star hotel in Kliptown.


It’s an Interesting World: 6

3 Jun

Quote of the week: “I just feel, I’m free. When the birds sing, when the nature is making some beautiful noise. You can rest and think and just feel free and happy” — participant in the Beyond Expectations project on a hike through Table Mountain.

The project takes young kids on nature trips, providing them with a temporary escape from their troubled circumstances.  Learn more about the project on their website, Beyond Expectations, and watch the kids experience the not-for-sissies hike up Table Mountain in a film produced by Butterfly Films. They have a number of other fantastic short films worth watching.

I would never want to be on this site: MediaFail collects user-submitted suggestions of wide-ranging failures by the press, and was cited by The New York Times media blog, Media Decoder as allowing users to “give a virtual thumbs-up (or in this case, thumbs-down) to external articles and videos. Users can add links to articles and leave comments, but most just vote.” The site is run by Washington D.C.-based activist group Free Press.

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“There aint no party like my gran’s tea party …”

15 Jul

I’ve never really been fond of hosting parties at my place of abode, mostly because i’m terrifed of them sucking, which sucks in itself.

Last Saturday I had a farewell / birthday party (nice to kill two birds with one stone!) on what was possibly the coldest day of winter so far! I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw how miserable it was … grey skies, mist, drizzle and cold air … how ironic. At any rate, I did warn people to dress warm and we provided numerous fires that hopefully kept everyone reasonably warm! At the very least, it looked a bit like Michelle said – a nice night out in the Drakensburg!!


The boys attempt to look good whilst braaing .. huh!


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best hostess in the world – I’m far to panicky and spend most of the time running around trying to see if everyone is having a good time. I think that I’ve gotten better in time, but that hasn’t quite stopped my friend Michelle from singing “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” from time to time when she sees me in a state of panic at a party!


This time however, everything somehow just worked .. not sure if it was the combination of people, the music, the atmosphere – it couldn’t have been the weather! But it was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed every minute. I’m so thankful to everyone who came, and I really did miss everyone who wasn’t there.


This week has just been mad, planning too many goodbyes and thinking of ways to get to see everyone. It is still mind-boggling to me that in one week I will be on a plane to London. It just seems so crazy!

The video that inspired this blog post’s title … Flight of the Conchords rock out with “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros”, watch it or be square!

Et tu…

5 Mar


I usually refrain from making posts about the bad things. It’s not in my nature, and I’m uncomfortable creating arguments based on feelings. I feel something about this city, and I will be the first to admit that I am too emotional in my response to be able to defend myself against topics like crime, blackouts, corrupt government etc., rationally. Cop-out? Perhaps.

This is why I struggle to react to blogs like Why South Africa Sucks. What can I express other than a feeling of revulsion, distaste and anger? How can I defend this country against views that are so foreign to me, despite their attempts at rationalisation?

Someone once asked me to explain how proactive I was being in making this country a better place. This was my attempt at a response. In time maybe, I can get better at this…

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