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Surprises in Scranton

26 Oct

The Glider Diner, where Obama had waffles a few months earlier

FROM THE BALLOT BOX 08 – Luis and I rolled into Scranton, Pennsylvania last night and walked straight into the a surprisingly politically diverse bar at the Veterans of Foreign Wars club in Clarks Summit, ten minutes outside of the Electric City.

Some of the VFW regulars are undecided.  Of the three people I interviewed,  each had a personal connection to their decision.

Robin Ennis is a 35-year-old unemployed cook who lives in Clarks Summit and was a member of the Navy, serving two tours in the Mediterannean.

He hasn’t spoken to his sister, a member of the Air Force, in almost three years. Why? Because she married a fellow Air Force Member who is black. They live in Washington D.C. and have three children.

Ennis has never voted, but this year he says he will. He’s voting for Obama.

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Obama and McCain at Columbia!

11 Sep

Check ot Journalism School’s new media initiative of students covering the event (a great resource for media outlets):


We’ll be there (not inside the hall sadly), doing a daybook story on the event, so watch out – you might even catch me somewhere in the background of a random CNN shot …