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It’s an Interesting World: 1

22 Oct

“It’s a Interesting World” is my attempt to provide a coherent update on this blog every week. In the process of looking through various websites for research purposes, reading Twitter streams, following links on Facebook and then following those links to other links (etc, etc in an endless cycle of reading and attempting not to get lost, Bing advertisement style), I come across some odd, interesting and often times, seemingly useless pieces of information that I get a kick out of reading. And you might too!

You might argue over whether everything I post is “interesting” but let’s not argue semantics. Deal with it! Here goes!

Quote of the week:

“…he ended by warning the students to be ever mindful of those “threats that come from elevating the values of consensus, conformity, and comfort above the value of truth.”

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A vent on the (mis) treatment of children

9 Sep

What bothers me the most in this city – aside from the crazy people and the subway in the height of summer – is the way some parents treat their children. I can’t say it’s unique to New York City, that would be an awful generalization, but I’ve had many a chance to observe it in the  hours I have accumulated gratuitously “people-watching” on the subway, as they call it here (voyeurism by any other name …)

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Let the debate begin

26 Jan

This is an all too familiar argument: will the print industry hold out in the future against the meteoric yet poorly funded rise of new media and online content? I asked this question on the password-protected blog of our Producing a Magazine class but want to throw it out there, with an added slant.

What does the death of traditional media such as print, and the rise of online media and usage, mean for developing countries and closed societies where online use is limited or restricted. Here’s what I wrote, I would love it if you guys could weigh in.

R.I.P Newsweekly?

The newsweekly is being vaunted by the new media community as the latest print category to spiral slowly towards a terrible death. (Click on the pic for the link to the NY Times story)


Is it just me, or is there a subtle sense of glee in the discussion (not necessarily the stories) on the death of the print industry? Something like, “We told you this would happen, IN 1999.” Maybe I’m being a cry baby, but being hit every single day with comments, threads, discussions and stories about how new media will take pride of place in the journalism of tomorrow constantly brings me back to two questions:

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weird fish

18 Jul

It seems so strange to me that is is my 24th birthday tomorrow. Firstly, because i have spent so much time organising the trip overseas that I hardly remembered it was my birthday … and secondly because I feel so much older … only 24 tomorrow! How strange. If this is how I feel now, I wonder how I will feel when I am 30, 45 or 60. (Tired, slightly cynical, worried, excited, hopeful, melacholy, terrified – too much, too many things at one time!)

At my desk sitting in front of me right now, from left to right. One tin filled with pens, pencils, rulers and other assorted stationary. One plastic box filled with pens, paper and cardboard. One complete academic record with my marks from my fours years at Wits. One leather Wits emblem-emblazoned baggage identifier (?really, what?! I think I mean a tag.) Five letters, written to my parents and siblings for when I leave. Nine CDs lined up and ready to be put onto my laptop, as they cannot be taken with. One set of pills, an empty watch box, and an e-mail that my mom has printed out, entitled ‘Links to search for flights’. Why does it matter what is on my desk right now?

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“There aint no party like my gran’s tea party …”

15 Jul

I’ve never really been fond of hosting parties at my place of abode, mostly because i’m terrifed of them sucking, which sucks in itself.

Last Saturday I had a farewell / birthday party (nice to kill two birds with one stone!) on what was possibly the coldest day of winter so far! I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw how miserable it was … grey skies, mist, drizzle and cold air … how ironic. At any rate, I did warn people to dress warm and we provided numerous fires that hopefully kept everyone reasonably warm! At the very least, it looked a bit like Michelle said – a nice night out in the Drakensburg!!


The boys attempt to look good whilst braaing .. huh!


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best hostess in the world – I’m far to panicky and spend most of the time running around trying to see if everyone is having a good time. I think that I’ve gotten better in time, but that hasn’t quite stopped my friend Michelle from singing “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” from time to time when she sees me in a state of panic at a party!


This time however, everything somehow just worked .. not sure if it was the combination of people, the music, the atmosphere – it couldn’t have been the weather! But it was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed every minute. I’m so thankful to everyone who came, and I really did miss everyone who wasn’t there.


This week has just been mad, planning too many goodbyes and thinking of ways to get to see everyone. It is still mind-boggling to me that in one week I will be on a plane to London. It just seems so crazy!

The video that inspired this blog post’s title … Flight of the Conchords rock out with “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros”, watch it or be square!

Et tu…

5 Mar


I usually refrain from making posts about the bad things. It’s not in my nature, and I’m uncomfortable creating arguments based on feelings. I feel something about this city, and I will be the first to admit that I am too emotional in my response to be able to defend myself against topics like crime, blackouts, corrupt government etc., rationally. Cop-out? Perhaps.

This is why I struggle to react to blogs like Why South Africa Sucks. What can I express other than a feeling of revulsion, distaste and anger? How can I defend this country against views that are so foreign to me, despite their attempts at rationalisation?

Someone once asked me to explain how proactive I was being in making this country a better place. This was my attempt at a response. In time maybe, I can get better at this…

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But why…?

4 Mar

In December and January I applied to two universities in the States to do my Master’s in Journalism. (I’ll only hear in April … hold thumbs!) In my applications, I had to write several essays which involved some serious thinking. Initially the thought of writing the essays gave me the grills. But after a while I realised it was a great opportunity to put down in words the reasons behind some of the decisions I’ve made in the last few years. This is what I love about writing… you sit down, and words come out and a few hours later you realise how much insight those words give you into how you really feel.

This is part of my essay detailing why I decided to become a journalist.
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