An about turn on Twitter

6 Dec

I’m happy to say that the Twitter profile is thriving, and I’ve had a lot of fun maintaining it. As jocoza is for a very niche audience (news and analysis for journalists in Southern Africa) the number of users can be low but the quality of conversation and exchange is relevant and lively.

Right now we have almost 230 followers, and we’ve only been around for about a month. I consider it a great source of information about events, media news and story sources – as well as trying to get into touch with people (for some Twitter is the new e-mail). But I’m still struggling to convince a few others about the usefulness of the profile. I never really liked the idea of Twitter when it first came into being, and I do sometimes think it’s a venting platform for people to voice the most inane thoughts, but I think that like most things on the Internet, if you use it judiciously, it has wonderful advantages.

I get a lot of my reading material from the lists I maintain on my personal Twitter site (@jaxbischof) and the lists we have on @Journ_SA help us keep tabs on news from the media industry in Southern Africa. My boss considers it an added burden on him because he has such limited time, but I think that for its news curating value alone it is useful. Following people on particular events, or around particular themes and hashtags is also a fantastic way of keeping up with things. I’m hoping if he (an entrenched news journo with a long history in print and broadcast media) gives it a go he might become hooked…that truly would be an achievement for digital media!


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