Power Reporting: The African Investigative Conference

27 Oct

My latest project for Wits Journalism has involved setting up a blog and Twitter account for the Power Reporting conference taking place from Nov 1 to Nov 3 at Wits University.

I managed to find a great free design on WordPress (yay for free blogging platforms!) and have had fun filling it with content … not so much chasing down people to submit content! I’m also getting more and more into the potential of Twitter and have started using it more frequently to send out notices and info for jocoza (@Journ_SA) and now for the conference (@PowerReporting). The accounts have different purposes, which makes tweeting interesting. Jocoza’s Twitter feed is more about the latest news and analysis pieces on the site, awards and opportunities and information sharing and gathering, while Power Reporting is obviously tied to the event and the tweets are more really more light in content and fleeting. It changes the way you tweet as well as the general flow of information shared, depending on the goal of the account.

It’s been quite a bit of fun and the next project will be doing something similar for the Wits Justice Project … this will also have a unique twist on it because it is a reporting project with long-term assignments that will need updates. There’s a lot of potential for multimedia in the assignments (audio slideshows, videos etc) and it should be interesting getting that content.

Why aren’t there more hours in the day?!


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