Change is ridiculous

15 Jun

One day when I'm rich enough, I'll live like this ...
One day when I’m rich enough, I’ll live like this …

Why do I suddenly feel like I went to sleep at 18, and woke up seven years later an adult, my mind occupied by savings and debt and career moves and job opportunities?

Part of me longs for the days when my biggest distraction was music and a self-absorbed outlook on life!!

Wait, with those criteria, not much has changed!

So I thought I’d change the blog slightly. I find myself in an odd period of transition right now. I graduated in May – something that I didn’t have time to blog about (terrible really) and have started interning at Time Out New York and am continuing my internship at the BBC. Today marks my first real day of hunting for a post-internship job (and here I am, updating my Twitter feed and blogging, it’s going GREAT!)

My anxiety is frequently tempered by day-trips such as this one to Governor's Island ... I am a tourist deluxe!

My anxiety is frequently tempered by day-trips such as this one to Governor's Island ... I am a tourist deluxe!

I wanted to make the blog a bit more colorful and simple to reflect my state of mind right now, which is more or less a happy contentedness that is occasionally interrupted by splashes of sheer panic and anxiety. It’s a balance that I’m pretty comfortable with right now!

I’m in a position that most of my J-school colleagues are in: working unpaid at jobs that provide excellent experience, but dreading the moment that comes after the internship, the leap into a paying job;  a career path that will thrash around like an out-of-control hosepipe throughout our lives. Is that analogy a bit too “out there”?!

Most of us know that there is no way to define a career path in journalism. Sure, you can have goals and aspirations, but to say “I’m going to be here in 20 years time” is both limiting and short-sighted. I’m not sure if this is the case with other professions, but often career choices in journalism are determined by last minute opportunities to do something you enjoy (design, photography, writing, web or TV production) in random environments you never expected to be in!

That’s why I’m trying to remain optimistic re. the job hunt. I know what I love doing (multi-platform story-telling), I know what I’m good at (organization, attention to detail, open-mindedness about the format I work in, and I’m pretty nice), and I know that I want my job to support and not destroy my personal life and goals.

With those things in mind, I hope that I am equipping myself with enough karma and good intentions to find something that will tide me over in the money-sucking vacuum that is New York City, and will set me on a happy, successful career, um, trail?

Wish me luck?! And let me know what you think of the new design!
Love Jax

Proof that I graduated, just in case you guys were wondering ...

Proof that I graduated, just in case you guys were wondering ...


3 Responses to “Change is ridiculous”

  1. Norina June 15, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    Hey Jax,

    by listing your qualities you forgot to mention: very intelligent, active, deligent, cooperative and inquisitive. I daresay this, because I had the opportunity to know you. And you were a really good friend in South Africa and you are still a good friend via new media. I pretty sure you will find something. If not you, then who? About your thoughts to come of age: I feel like this most of the time, even if I work for 4 years now and even if I’m 31 ;D Good night. Ines

  2. Frouse June 15, 2009 at 10:33 pm #

    What’s your twitter?

    • jax June 16, 2009 at 2:47 pm #

      Jax Bischof!

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