Touched by the madness

12 Nov

Jax and Katya crash the Veteran's Parade for a morning of photography

Oh my goodness, one week since I last posted, will the madness ever end? I’m a pretty pathetic blogger. One week since Barack Obama won the presidency, one week since I found out my parents are coming over to visit for Thanksgiving, one more week of school over – survived, endured, borne out …

What has been the substance of my days? Pretty much nothing constant except the feeling of tiredness, once again. Even though I get substantially more sleep than most of my friends, I still feel exhausted all the time. My theory is that somehow I burn energy just by thinking way too much about things that are way too irrelevant, thus wasting my fuel reserves and ending up tired after only doing half the work everyone else has done. This is not good.

The week was pretty darn good though. We survived election fever and got to see the panic (before) and euphoria (after). Went up to the 33rd floor of Merril Lynch in the Financial District for a WIL lunch on Friday, which was spectacular. The area is buzzing, and the views from up there are amazing. Did some speed walking – and then later some leisurely walking – through Central Park, which is absolutely beautiful (if cold) this time of year. The colors of the trees and the sun bouncing off the lakes and pathways is breathtaking, and very calming in the midst of the city.

central-park1Spent a lot of time in bed over the weekend, reading and watching TV and being generally useless. On the bright side I managed to do my dishes, tutor, get my laundry done and send many mails so I can’t say I was completely unproductive, but according to J-school rules, I was a total flake.

Photographed the Veteran’s Parade yesterday for my Skills class (I know, I don’t really have that much skill), which almost brought a tear to my eye – there’s something admirable about the intensity of American patriotism. The parade takes place from Madison Square Park on 23rd St, uptown and then across town. It’s a really big affair, with lots of people watching from their offices, and all sorts of characters – some old and distinguished, some rough around the edges, some upright and stern – turning out in rememberance of wars gone by, and those still at war today.

Let’s just say that Obama has a lot ahead of him.

Edith Shain, the nurse from this infamous picture was there! Hover over the pics in the slideshow below to read the captions.

Last night we also attended an interesting panel on “The Changing Media Landscape” – a good reflection of how everyone in the developed world is freaking out about using technology to keep the attention of readers and to ride the wave of Web 2.0 innovation. The whole time I kept thinking how this applies to countries in Africa and how the innovation is going to touch us. In some ways the wave is passing us by completely – while everyone else in the media world scrambles, we rest assured that readers are less “new media savvy” and therefore less demanding than US and European audiences. I’m still waiting for Africans to take hold of the web and use it for their own cultural revolution.

Watch a live broadcast of the panel.

The week ahead is looking to be equally mad. A couple of stories to work on, a visit to The New York Times to hear Dan Barry speak, more panic about my Master’s project (the Super is back from Panama today, wish me luck to those who know what that means), leadership training this weekend with WIL, thinking plenty more irrelevant things that are somehow becoming increasingly relevant, and waiting with anticipation for my parents to arrive!

Tell me I can survive the next two weeks you guys!

Side bar: Watch this amazing comment on the overturning of Prop 8 in California. Let me know what you think.

And now, to end off, a quote that is SO droll you expect it to come from a British author but will be surprised to hear it originates from an American journalist:

A bore is a man who, when you ask him how he is, tells you.
– Bert Leston Taylor, The So-Called Human Race (1922)

One Response to “Touched by the madness”

  1. Erin Siegal November 23, 2008 at 3:21 am #

    girl, you WILL survive. not only that, but you will thrive! blossom! kick ass! it’s almost winter break- er, master’s reporting time- and i swear the chance to focus on JUST ONE THING is going to be totally refreshing!

    by the way, everything you ever said in critical issues was spot-on and just so damn smart. so glad you were in my discussion group.


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