muddled thoughts and pumpkin pie

20 Oct
Pumpkin carving and beer, the perfect companions!

Pumpkin carving and beer, the perfect companions!

There’s nothing like a Sunday morning, 5am bedtime to clear your head and help you formulate thoughts with precise clarity. How long will I be suffering for?!

This weekend was a glorious mish-mash of work, fun and sleep, all of which combined have made me realize why time is going by so quickly: there’s always something happening! À propos, instead of describing the never ending series of events, I am going to put forward the top-four recurring thoughts in my head right now. Lucky youz guyz!

1. Mat makes good pie

In fact, Mat’s pie is so good, that if I was on death row and requesting my final meal, that’s what I’d order. Except if I was on death row for having murdered Mat for refusing to give me some pie. My life is incomplete without Mat’s pie (and I’m not just saying this because he has my camera bag and is holding it hostage.) Yesterday he opened up his home to us for a little bit of pumpkin carving, tea drinking and pumpkin pie eating and we were all very grateful. I took the opportunity to take about a thousand photographs for my skills class (SLR camera = very complicated but very awesome) and was glad to have the excuse to wrench myself away from my computer.

2. J-schoolers make pretty hard core party goers

If it’s not happy hour, or trips to Lion’s Head, it’s a special night out to a club on the town, or a house party that you feel bad about crashing! This week’s offering was at a beautiful flat a couple of blocks from Columbia. The partay was hosted by Ben Piven, a particularly avid music buff whose “One Semitistan” mix tape concept I still do not completely understand!** Nevertheless, I crashed the party with Laura and Mat (who told me it was perfectly acceptable), and had such a great time that somehow, several hours went by quite rapidly. I would not recommend a 5am bed time for anyone – there’s a particularly type of misery that ensues the next day – but it was a ton of fun and definitely worth it

**Ah, I’ve discovered that “Greg Wears Skinny Jeans” provides a not-so-shabby explanation about the philosophy behind the party.

Laura's "Picasso" and a mini-me

Laura's Picasso and a little mini-me

3. J-school is pretty brutal

Yes, I can hear the collective sighs of a hundred exasperated J-school students going, “We know, we know, stop whining already!” But this particular thought runs through my head at such a high frequency that I worry myself, and besides, I have to express it in print for prosperity!

I somehow thought that the stress of RW1 and its various deadlines and demands would decrease over time but sadly, I was mistaken. Since I started skills class, my Thursdays have become horror days: lectures from 10am to 10pm with small breaks in between. The upcoming elections have put us all in permanent panic mode, and the numbers of stories I am working on at any given time has increased. Couple that with internship deadlines and you have a recipe for disaster. Next weekend Luis and I are off to Scranton, Pennsylvania to cover all sorts of election madness. Watch out for updates here: The Ballot Box.

4. I’m never going to stop missing home

I’ve been through this before – in Switzerland – but at least then I knew when I was coming back. Now I have no idea when I’ll be back. Sometimes the future is just this blank slate of homesickness for me. Other times it seems like an open path of endless opportunities, fantastic experiences, travel, new friends and amazing moments. It’s all very confusing. The point of it all is that deep down I feel an inexplicable sadness at being separated from the people I love, and at times that leaves me a bit down (and being a bit of a downer as some of my friends here will attest). Thank goodness for Skype, the postal system, GChat and text messages!

"Through the Eye of a Pumpkin"

Jackie presents: "Through the Eye of a Pumpkin"

The only thing that makes up for it is that I’m surrounded by amazing people who have become really good friends, and the more we hang out together and laugh together, the more I am spared from the sadness that comes from missing home. So, as much as I complain, I’m glad there’s a million things going on!

And that’s all for now folks. *blows a kiss*
Sending you all my love!


2 Responses to “muddled thoughts and pumpkin pie”

  1. Sam October 21, 2008 at 7:40 am #

    JaxPax…my dearest, i feel the need to comment. This is not because i have anything profound to add to your awesome literary skills splashed above me…but because i reckon that you have no idea how many of your bloggy type things i have read and enjoyed and chuckled at and generally heaved a great sigh of missing you at…so i thought i should let you know. Sounds like your life and my life are similarly steeped in chaos…anyhow, yay for next year and my prospective visit. love you and miss you lots my friend. Stay sane. love Sam

  2. MOM October 23, 2008 at 9:22 am #

    love you acb

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