home sweet … room?

5 Aug

Two trains, one bus ride, one taxi ride, two planes and almost 24 hours in transit later, I arrived in New York at about 8pm local time last night (2am Swiss time, which I am still on). Driving over Brooklyn Bridge with a craaaazzzyyy taxi driver, I couldn’t help laughing and feeling a thrill inside (or was that actually a shot of adrenalin caused by the thought of impending death by taxi crash?)

The thrill soon dissapated as the jet lag really set in – I am still feeling it now, a day later – a feeling that somehow, your body and mind are literally dragging behind you in another time zone.

Despite the jet lag, I set off this morning to experience at least a few blocks of Morningside Heights, the area my residence is in.

International House is quite an amazing res, with all the utilities a student needs (gym, 24 hour Internet in your room, a laundry, kitchen, canteen, postal service and a pub of course). There are also about a milion things to do on any day of the week, from ‘floor hockey’ on each floor (i have no idea how this is played), to ice cream socials (on Thursday evenings, can’t wait to try this out) and cupcake tours of Manhattan …

The room I’m staying was severely lacking in ‘homeliness’ and so I felt compelled this morning to visit Target (I felt justified about shopping on my first day here because it was a good exercise in getting to know the subway … also, one thing I’ve learnt moving around is that personalising your room – wherever that may be – goes a long way in stifling feelings of loneliness, homesickness and general discomfort).

Ah, Target, such a lovely place! Managed to get a great deal on a ‘dorm room set’ of bedding, with eight matching towels nogal. Also picked up a laundry bag, shower bag (walking to the showers, which are miles away, is something that will take forever to get used to), an American cable for my laptop, some stationary, slops for the showers and a dressing gown.

The Journ School on Broadway

Before heading off to Tesco’s, I walked down to the Journ School to have a quick look. The walk only took about ten min (well it should’ve, actually it took about 20 as I felt compelled to stop for a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese). It is a very beautiful school, and right outside the subway, which is great. Columbia has its own subway stop on the number 1.

The subway stop just outside the Journ School.

In between these two excursions, I managed to check into the res properly (get my ID), register for the computer labs, make myself ‘known’ to the International Students and Scholars Office, speak to Nix on Skype (the camera works WONDERS lynnie!), visit the very charming park that’s situated across the road, and the deli around the corner (special discount for CU students, yay!)

It feels strange, to have all these amenities at my fingertips – to be able to access them with little effort. It was a good day, but it feels horrible to be alone, so despite my horrible jet lag, I am going to head down to the Lion’s Head Tavern on Amsterdam Avenue to wish Olga (a fellow Columbian journ student I met on Facebook but have not met in person yet) a very happy birthday and to get out of my head a little bit.

It feels strange, in some way i feel so bad to have everything, right here … I wonder if it is a South African mentality … Or maybe just the habit of a self-conscious person?

Anyway, enough of that … to see more pics of NY and some of Switzerland, visit http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=141182&l=5804a&id=701330105.


3 Responses to “home sweet … room?”

  1. Frouse August 5, 2008 at 11:55 am #

    Nice door sign Jaxy. I’m gonna break down and throw your blog feed into my Google Reader 🙂 Keep up the NY posts!

  2. Shonz August 6, 2008 at 11:08 am #

    Awesome stuff Jax. My heart smiles when i read this! You’re living my dream! Keep up the posts…

  3. Kim August 9, 2008 at 9:03 am #

    Jax, it all looks so great and I’m glad you seem to be settling in. Keep us updated – can’t wait to read more!

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