What to do …?

3 Jul

Image courtensy of imageshackWhat does one do when facing the impending removal of oneself from everday life and a very comfortable comfort zone (way too many ones in that sentence, let’s switch person) to move halfway across the world and dive into certain madness?

Well what I’ve done in anticipation of my trek to London, Zurich, the Schwarzwald and eventually New York in two weeks, is take over my parent’s kitchen and throw myself wholeheartedly into …


Ugh, it’s so cliched it’s gross.

Eish, but it’s true. I’ve never been a baker or a cook, in fact I think I am the antithesis of a domesticated woman, I’ve always found more joy in reading a book or attending a lecture than in cooking a meal and washing up after. (Well, I’m a bit OCD, so I don’t mind the washing up too much) But, with the prospect of two weeks of sadness ahead of me (endless goodbyes to friends and family interspered with the pain of doctor / dentist / optometrist / gynaecologist appoitments, almost as tear-inducing), I have embraced the tiny hints of domesticity inside of me and have started to bake.

[My niece just came in to ask, on behalf of my mom, whether I would like a glass of wine. I love you mom. My nieces have spent the whole day with me, and are currently handwriting recipes on coloured cardboard for my recipe book. Yes, I actually have one, except it’s more like a scrapbook than anything.]

The cake – the glorious cake! Baked with love by myself, Justine and Jessica … and enjoyed by the fam and Gabs (fam anyway)

Today we baked chocolate cake with the most delectable chocolate icing (dripping actually), and two days ago I found out how arduous and ridiculously expensive it is to make muesli rusks (but damn do they taste good). Last night I spent an absolutely heavanly evening with Marko, Kendall and Delphin; drinking too much wine and cooking ostrich steaks, wild brown rice with mushroom and peas, mashed pumpkin and braised onion and garlic baby marrows and baby tomatoes. Goodness gracious, it was good. I don’t think my contribution (talking and drinking) counted for much though.


All these goodbyes, they’re bittersweet and I only survive them because of the food. Really – I have to stuff myself to prevent the tears. Kendall says I must be happy because I have happiness. So Zen Kendall, and you’re absolutely right. I’m trying my dearest friend, to relish the happiness and the goodness that I am surrounded by. I am very lucky, as your brother would say “God is good” … and as you would say “[extended silence” Yes … right!”

Of course, it is highly likely that I will soon tire of baking and will look for some alternative hobby like knitting or stock photography. Thankfully thought, time is short, which reduces the chance of me embarrasing myself by attempting to grapple with some


2 Responses to “What to do …?”

  1. Lisa Gordon July 7, 2008 at 2:32 pm #

    Skype us some cake Jax!! FNB booklet – 1st draft goes to Dineo today. Thought I should just post something about work here, in case you’ve forgotten all about it already!

  2. jax July 7, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    I will definitely skype you some cake!

    I can’t say I’ve forgotten about work – I had a dream about you guys the other night (it’s true). In between baking and choosing courses at CU I barely have time to do anything but I am thinking of you guys – very sad you can’t make my farewell!

    Can’t wait to see the final draft of the FNB booklet, sure it looks great!

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