My last day at Flow

27 Jun

We at Flow take nothing slow ...

In an attempt to resurrect my sad an unhappy blog, I have decided to write a ‘comeback’ post about my last day at Flow.

(A comeback about leaving? The irony has not escaped me!)

I’ve been at the company for seven months, and what a phenomenal seven months it has been. I never thought that in such a short time I would be involved in so many different tasks: creative and analytical, short-term and long-term, complex and challenging; and across so many mediums: print (feature / news) and online (upload, download, backend, front end, photoshop genius and blogging madness – now I know why programmers are so weird).

I can feel Lyrr and Tara shaking their heads at the terrible grammar in the above sentence. But it’s my blog and I can misspell if I want to!!

Lisa has just bought me cake and this afternoon we are havingTrying to perfect Blue Steel while Ernie contemplates the meaning of life ... drinks. Maybe Tara will ask me to e-mail Columbia and tell them I’m not coming one more time, and maybe I might tempted to say ‘Yes’. Not only have I loved my little sunny side desk facing out onto the beautiful garden, but I’ve loved learning that work environments can actually be informal and fun, caring and enjoyable while still being professional (I always thought that work = hell and there was no escaping that).

Well professional in most cases, except when your office is quarantined with sticky tape by unreasonable secretaries clomping around in boots that are too big for them!

I have had the opportunity to do so many different things, it’s been crazy and fun and stressful and amazing and an unbelievable working experience.

Portia, I will miss your pithy little death threats – although, you rule this office with an iron fist and it’s a little bit scary but a job well done. Lorraine, I will miss you telling me to go away on Skype and stealing my lighter, I will also miss having your design skills at hand (to use and abuse!) – you are one hell of a bird. Ernie, the ‘Bernstein’, I will certainly regret leaving behind your Mac / iPod knowledge, thank goodness I have a IBM Notebook with Vista to work on in the States (wait … that’s not a good thing … damnit!).


Kate-a-Late, use the laser pen well and don’t be corrupted by the power! You’re a sweetheart and a strong woman and an inspiration to me 🙂 To Richard, you’re mean and lean and a programming machine – but everyone knows you’re actually a softie and a great union leader. Go well you big ol’ NERD. Nikolai, you are the best successor and you have tolerated my dictatorial instructions and bossy personality with exceptional grace and humour. Be kind when you make fun of me when I’m gone!


Lisa, I’ve only known you a short while, but I love you forever for the cake and for being patient and kind and full of other wonderful virtues. I already know that you will be a true asset to Flow. Lyrr, you’ve always been on the ball and sitting next to you has been the MOST wonderful time, and I’m LITERALLY lost for words as to the indescribable experience it has been. Thanks for the witty, off-the-cuff and often sarcastic (but always grammatically correct) comments that have made bad days bearable.

Tamsyn, you’re a star and a real trooper, your dedication is quite astonishing and you always have a sense of humour to amuse the rest of us with! Keep listening to Sigur Ros and go well. Mili, ah Mili … I will miss your e-TV rip-offs, your eclectic dress sense and your very kind words. You’ve been so nice to me and withstood my (hopefully constructive!) criticism and I want you to know that you can fly, you really can.

To Christine and Tumi, the Durban peeps, I’m so glad you didn’t get washed away by the floods, or scared off by the raging sea. But of course we knew you wouldn’t. You’re a constant happy presence on Skype and I’ve had some great conversations with you both. Good luck with everything (especially EWA!), and I’ll be thinking of you every time I hear someone go “Arrrrr, where’s me beer, matey!” And to Khanyi, we’ve tortured you with all our teaspoons and mess. Thank you SO much for making Tuesdays and Thursdays the best days of the week, no matter what!

And to Tara and Tiffany … congratulations. You’ve built a family. A family that, like any other, has its ups and downs, squabbles and disagreements … but at the end of the day everyone at Flow has shown again and again that they are willing to go the extra mile for someone else, to help when they don’t need to, to give advice and to be friendly and considerate. You are no exceptions to this phenomenon. You have grown this company so well, and you are wonderful “Women in Business“. I hope you are proud of us ‘Flowters’, and of yourselves. Thanks for inspiring me with your patience, consideration, advice, care, support …
… and for understanding why I need to go.

Good luck, and be happy everyone. Hope to see y’all at my party … don’t forget to r.s.v.p, and of course don’t forget to read my blog! (Almost as entertaining as browsing Vanity Fair Online!)

I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.
Jerome K Jerome


6 Responses to “My last day at Flow”

  1. 2ME June 27, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    Aaaaaawwwwww Jax,

    thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I have enjoyed working with you too Jax and although in the beginnng I thought you were a bit too much, I learnt to like you and accept that some people are more focused and driven than others. You are one of those!

    Have fun, enjoy and study hard but most importantly good luck!

    Take good care of yourself and pls pls pls don’t be a stranger, skype, fb and blog away!

    Lots of love

  2. christine June 27, 2008 at 5:25 pm #

    Well now I know what a weblog looks like. Enjoyed your lovely sentiments about each individual staff member. Truly sorry not to be there for the big sendoff, but will be with you in spirit. I wish you everything of the best in the US. My sister lives just down the drag in Maryland and works in DC, so I will think of both of you as being neighbours in a global sense. Hope your very nice boyfriend sorts himself out with a good job so he can join you in the US, because if he doesn’t, some Texan farmer will snap you up. From the short time I spent working with you, I could see the makings of a top-notch journalist, so go and make a name for yourself out there. And when you’re feeling lonely and missing South Africa, send us a mail and we’ll give you the real lowdown on what’s cooking back home (probably boerewors). With fond memories of ihascheezeburger xx Chris

  3. Richard June 28, 2008 at 3:49 pm #

    awww… I’ll see you on the 12th in the Far East!

  4. Tiffany June 29, 2008 at 9:22 am #

    Dearest Jax

    For all your eloquent ones, words fail me. We have been so fortunate to have been able to work with you for a while. New York is lucky to have you!

    Of course our paths will connect again in the near future – and we’ll be sending lots of little jobs for you in the meantime.

    I, personally, will miss you sorely!
    Lots and lots of love

  5. Lisa Gordon June 30, 2008 at 9:20 am #

    Ya crazy girl Jax. We will miss you so much at Flow. Thx for your kind words. I’ll be reading your blog.

  6. Miliswa June 30, 2008 at 9:30 am #

    Jax oh Jax…Im so going to miss you its not gonna be funny- was actually thinking aboutthat this morning the fact that imma get to work and you not going to be there…..hope I will make it to your braai. Im also gonna miss our skype chats and ” can I give you a tip”, the criticism that I took so well.

    You are really one of a kind, never in my entire life have I met someone so sharp, humble, kind and organised….Go to America and make us proud…..and always remain a Flowter its not gona be the same without you….. Whose gonna uplift me when I cant get hold of BC people? sniff…sniff*…keep intouch and stay fabulous…..


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