Yeoville wins, hands down

11 Oct

I admit defeat!

Franny – a fellow (amazing) student – and I have been engaged in a rather light hearted argument about which suburb is better, Melville or Yeoville. Of course I had to defend the suburb I live in – who wouldn’t? But after some consideration I have to concede defeat to Franny. I love Melville, and I love living here, for a number of reasons. But Franny’s right. Meville can be incredibly conceited and shallow, despite the artists that reside here. Yeoville has a lot of heart and spirit, and represents everything I love about Jo’burg. Of course, I’ll carry on living in Melville despite this – I love the coffee too much!

Read the text that made me change my mind… Franny’s slice of life on Yeoville


One Response to “Yeoville wins, hands down”

  1. Franny October 15, 2007 at 9:57 am #

    Apparently there’s an Ethiopean coffee joint in Yotown that I haven’t tried out. I’ll check it and let you know…

    BUT did you know that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia? Ethiopians make the best coffee and if you don’t believe me, check Kasa’s coffee. you can find Kasa and his most glorious coffee at 2nd floor, 99 Delvers street (downtown, corner with Bree).

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