Love etc…

5 Oct

Driving in the Rain

Here we are again, my friend, Johannesburg…in the rain

One of my favourite bands is Sugardrive – they hail from Johannesburg. This video from  a drive to work on a Friday afternoon, with their song playing. It’s been raining buckets for the last few days. Spring and summer rainstorms are legendary in Jozi. Generally summer will follow a pattern of intensely hot mornings and afternoons, and then amazing thunderstorms (with the most beautiful cracks of thunder across the landscape) from about 4pm. But until summer starts in a month or so, we have to put up with summer showers. These annoy everyone because most people are just about ready to start tanning when they have to bring out their umbrella’s! But on the upside, the rains do turn everything the most beautiful shades of green. Johannesburg is a city with a huge amount of trees, so it really brightens everything (and everyone) up.

The lyrics for Sugardrive’s song from their last album Love, etc…

 Here we are again my friend, Johannesburg, in the rain…
Dreams might burn to ashes and you’re falling through the cracks as I say “don’t slam the door on your way out”. Everybody’s trying, to be someone else. Everyone’s trying not to go home…

(Chorus) From love, to hate… from love to hate in five point eight 

Let me sleep here, cause i need your dreams. And I wake up and I smell like roses…Sit around, wait for the sun to shine. Desensitised… Everyone is trying not to go home, everyone is trying not to say goodbye. (chorus)

 Sweet heavenly we found the sounds, I’d like to be around – when my fish will watch you drown… (chorus)


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